Monday, November 14

short quiz

In exactly one month, I will be done with my last final...

I am so happy I could
A. Cry joyful tears
B. Scream until my lungs burst
C. Roll around in the leaves and get muddy
D. Sing in the rain followed by party all night long
E. All of the above

I pick E.
Every time.

Sunday, November 13

let's dance

Baaaaahh! Hahaaahaha! Ha!
Just got a kick outa' this^

Friday, November 11

eleven, eleven, eleven

I can't believe it's November. I can't believe it's the middle of November.
Where did it all go?
I missed it.

Anyway, better start on my Mid-November To Do List;

1. Get ready for finals. Four weeks left of school babay!
2. Start looking for Christmas gifts. That right people, say it with me. "Christmas. Gifts." I can't believe it's almost here myself.
3. Find yummyThanksgiving dessert recipes to try ...mmmmm... can't wait.
4. Spend more time with the family.
5. Enjoy the winter weather, in 20 days it's ski season.
6. Find me some nice winter clothes. My baggy t-shirts simply won't do.
7. Watch football, football, football, football.

And before I am any later
Welcome home Elder Morris
It is so good to see your smiling face again.
It's exactly how I remembered it.