Wednesday, April 27

corners of my mind

My brain has the "on" switch stuck in the upward position for a long time and I just can't seem to get it unstuck. I guess its' endurance is incredible because I think my mind has been running constantly for the last few days. This is what has been going on in my head. Read it, I dare yah.

Gotta' study for economics. Read chapter twelve. Now thirteen. Now fourteen. Now fifteen. Now sixteen. Ugh, I hate that class. I hope the bookworm in the front row makes the class awkward again. I hope the cute guy sits in front of me again. I hope we make eye contact this time. Stay focused, only one week left. ONE WEEK LEFT!?! Summer is going to be so awesome! Summer might be a little boring. No more school, hallelujah! Newport here I come. I am so happy "Brets" cancelled my final and gave all of us full credit. Love that class! Man, I gotta write my paper still. I hate philosophy. I hate philosophers. I actually think philosophy is interesting but totally ridiculous.  I only have three days to write my paper. Start writing paper already! I guess I won't be hanging out this weekend. I have no time to do anything. I am tired. Is it nap time yet? When school is over, I am officially going into hibernation for a good month. Oh, that boy is way cute. Oh. And that boy needs to shower. I love people watching. I am hungry. I should have packed a lunch. Dang it. Ten more minutes to my next class....grreeaaaat.....  I gotta get good grades this semester. Focus. Focus. Focus. Focus. Is American Idol on tonight? I still gotta watch The Office  and Pretty Little Liars. That show is so stupid but I love it.  Oh wait! Glee  anyone? Man, I really should have packed a lunch today. Food. Food. Food. I want food. I want sleep.  Alright, time for class. Kill me.

Tuesday, April 19

i'm ready

Lately at work, many patients bring up marriage. Don't ask me why, I don't ask them to, it has been the Topic of the Month I guess. So today, I was talking to my patient about the common conversation and she says this to me;

"Someone was made in heaven just for you, and only you. They will find you when you're ready, so take your time."

I am not looking for marriage, trust me, I'm only nineteen years old. I don't need to get married, nor do I want to anytime soon, but this statement stuck with me like gum under my worn out shoe. I thought about these sentences long and hard and eventually I came up with this conclusion;

Someone was made for me and they may find me today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. They may find me sometime in this lifetime or even in the next. I don't know when and I don't know how. But I do know that someone was made for each and everyone of us and his name is Jesus Christ. He was not only made for us, but He lived for us and He died for us. He is that perfect someone who was made in heaven for me and you. For those people who do not know who the Son of God is or what His gospel teaches, or for those people who are struggling to walk on water, [Matthew 14:24-31] you can take your time and He will find you when  you're ready.

As for me, I will not take my time to become ready for the Savior to find me. I am starting today. No. I am starting now. And when He knocks on my knobless door, [Revelation 3:20] I will "be of good cheer and not be afraid." I won't hesitate to let Him in and when I do, I know He will never leave.

Now for my future husband; Please take your time to find me. I'm in no hurry.

Saturday, April 16

quote of the day

"Hope is a good thing; maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies."

-The Shawshank Redemption

Wednesday, April 13

a sunny wednesday

Today was a lazy sunny Wednesday. I started out the day attempting to go to school. Made it to my first class [just barely] and was debating the pros and cons of going to my next class instead of actually paying attention. [Hey, at least I was attending class] Anyway I finally made the decision of finishing school for the day and go to my second class until my friend leans over and whispers, "You hungry? Let's go to lunch."  Ok, if it wasn't hard enough to go to class already, how can you pass up food when your stomach is making more comments in class than you are.

Being the mature young lady I am, I say, "Later. After my next class."  I mean I only had two classes today, how hard could it be to sit in two classes.

Just so you know, it's harder than you think.

My class ends with my professor explaining how to pop in a dislocated shoulder. Weirded out, I pull up my pants [the were saggin' a bit,] fix my uncomfortable shoe, haul my backpack over my shoulder, hold my breath and manage to find the guts to be strong and attend my next class... until I stomp outside. It was beautiful. It was so beautiful that the sun was shining, couples were holding hands and I caught the Spring Fever. Looking around, I realize I could not be in another classroom for an hour and a half when it looks like this outside! So, being the mature young lady I am, I ditched my second class and went to lunch. Mm mm mm mm mmmm..

I promised myself, for the rest of the afternoon I would study for finals and start writing my philosophy paper to make up not going to class. Did I do any of those things? Nope. Instead, I get home, look at the couch and study how comfy it looked.
"It's nap time anyway"  I thought.

After that well needed nap, I helped my little sister and her friends perfect their lip-sync for their school's assembly. [It's during my Friday class, so I won't be going to that one either]

For the rest of the night, I did this and that, making sure I did not make eye contact with my backpack and books. I mean I did ditch them today. They would have stared me down and made me feel guilty even if I deserved it. That would have been so awkward. Please forgive me books. I will read, mark and study you someday.

When it's not sunny.

Sunday, April 10

quote of the day

"When you're going through the worst, look your best, work your hardest, smile the most and speak kind words."


Wednesday, April 6

pros & cons of spring

Spring means many things. Things I absolutely love as well as things I hate.
I'll explain.

Pro; I get to hang up the wet winter coats & boots & dust off the spring clothing. 
Con; I need to get into shape for a spring/summer body. Great.
Pro; I can now do fun activities outside in the sunshine & warm weather in hope to get a little tan.
Con; I don't have to drive start and/or finish my homework.
Pro; School will be over in twenty-eight days!
Con; Finals are in twenty-eight days...
Pro; Love is in the air and people are becoming "twitterpated."
Con; I am single.
Pro; I get to put down the text books & learn how to become a bookworm reader.
Con; School makes me sick every time I think about reading.
Pro; The Bees' are playing again! And there is nothing better than a hotdog with a side of a jumbo bag of  popcorn, a baseball game & good company.
Con; You know... there is no con.
Pro; I hate wearing shoes. So when it's warm, I don't wear any.
Con; My feet look horrid.
Oh another Pro; If my feet look horrid, it's a great excuse to get a pedicure. Who's with me?!

All in all I love spring & I can't wait. Please come faster!!