Sunday, August 28

quote of the day

"Beauty and ugliness surrounds us,
we decide what we see"
-Unknown / alovin

back to school

A friend and I went on a hike last night to watch the incredible lightening storm. When I say "hike" I'm talking about freakin' rock climbed the side of the mountain. It was steep, it was exhausting but it was worth it. As we reached the top [yes, we actually reached the very top] Chaseton noticed a gift from heaven; a bench. Who would put a bench at the top of a mountain? I don't know, but it was the best gift I had received because again, I was exhausted.

There on this bench, Chaseton states that this view is inspiring. Inspiring to write a song, inspiring to talk for hours in deep conversation and inspiring to be a better person. And there on this bench was the start of a hilarious song as well as a great conversation. A conversation I needed, a conversation that was humbling and a conversation that  made me vulnerable. We talked and talked and talked and little by little I saw glimpses of a side in my friend I hadn't seen before. His comforting side of knowledge and understanding, of loyalty and dedication. A comforting side that makes you feel like everything will be fine. There on this bench I learned a few things about Chaseton.

It's incredible to see a friend's testimony and understanding of the gospel through conversations like the one I had with Chaseton. He not only taught me what he believes, but he lives it. It's a humbling lesson that makes you want to become a better person. With this gospel, it is easy to say you believe in it, but to live it? You must be brave and that's not easy at all. If you love Heavenly Father, you must show Him, not tell him. Live His gospel the way Jesus Christ did, through love, faith and example. Chaseton figured that out and it was a wonderful lesson to learn.

Thank you Chaseton for your bravery and thank you random bench for being at the top of the mountain.

Saturday, August 27

note to self

I found an old sticky note in my back pocket the other day
and it made me laugh, like really hard.
It looked a little something like this--

1. Try not to procrastinate.
2. Learn to smile more.
3. Save more money.
[with bold letters and stars]
*4. Get the boys a fan!*
5. Exercise more and eat less sugar.

Note to Self, put #4 at the top of the list.
Last night, I was about to die of heatstroke at the boy's house.

Sunday, August 21

a jayme dee cover

I hate the original song but I'm in love with her cover.

strong girl in a big world

This girl inspires me! I love how she has come out of her shell and shows the world what a beautiful, great, loving, strong and powerful woman she is. She has transformed into the most incredible girl and it's so much fun to watch her conquer her fears, open up to the world and put her heart on her sleeve.

I love reading all your stories in your blog Kylee. Your ability to write is incredible and such an amazing talent. You move so many people. [so please in the future, write a book!] I love your example you show me every time I'm with you. I always leave happier and wanting to be better then I was before. I love your sense of humor and all your moves in all the right places. I love your picture taking skills and your love to document all your adventures. I love that we are friends and I love that you are YOU!

Saturday, August 13

dear friend,

Since you will be leaving for South Korea real soon and since I won't be there for your goodbye party, I thought I would write you a little something.

I just want to thank you for being my friend these past few months, it has felt like we've been friends forever. You have truly made this summer a blast. I want to thank you for all your funny stories that makes anyone laugh. They cheer me up every time. Thank you for always being down for anything. I want to thank you for teaching me how to longboard and being patient with me when I struggled. I want to thank you for not rubbing my face in all my mistakes, you are easily one of the greatest people to talk to. Thank you for always being there with good advise at hand. I want to thank you for teaching me some great dance moves. The Spongebob Squarepants is the coolest dance move I have yet to learn. Thank you for making your house the party house! But really, I want to thank you for letting us crash at your house all the time and sleep on your trampoline, that is something we must continue when you come home.

Nick, Stick, I am so glad I have gotten to know you and become friends with you. You will be a great teacher in South Korea. Can't wait to hear all the stories you will share about your adventure. Take thousands of pictures while you are there and don't forget your friends here in the SLC. You will be missed dear friend. Thank you for everything.

Love you Stick!
Your friend,

Friday, August 12

newport, here i come

In less then 24 hours I will be packin' up the car and heading here,

There, I will soak up all of this,

And cruise with one of these on the boardwalk,

And maybe learn how to do this,

And maybe, just maybe find one of these!

In less then 24 hours, I will be leaving for paradise.
Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 2

Hey you!
Yes, you.
Did you hear?
Did you hear the news?
Did you hear the news my family has been talking about all day?
I'm going to have a nephew!