Sunday, June 26

yes, we wear capes

Linds and I have many adventures together. You can call us Super Slicked & Wonder Whipped if you must; with the long capes flowing behind us in the wind, spidey underwear tightly glued on our foreheads and our own catchy action theme song everywhere we go. [we do make our own action music by the way but that is not the point] Some of our adventures end in great hurrah as we conquer the world, others end in the villains winning. We will defeat the boys and the horrible boss-lady someday.

But yesterday on our Slicked & Whipped adventure, we road our Super Bikes to Albertsons'. With our super hunger we decide to each buy a pint of ice cream. Super heroes gotta eat so don't judge! Wonder Whipped chose the Coconut Pineapple and as for me, the Mint Chocolate Cookie. Yummmm....

Anyway, we ride like the wind, dodging cars, bugs, the occasional dog poop and other horrible evil villainous things lurking among us in Sugar House. Laughing and screaming like little boys, our voices crack and jump a few octaves with every bump our Super Bikes trample over. Conquering the steep hill with legs flailing and voices almost gone, we finally reach out destination. A grassy, shady spot next to a creek in the park. There we demolished our ice cream and schemed out next plan to defeat our villains. So look out, you know who you are!

Never fear! The Lovin Sisters are here!

Friday, June 24

a small favor

Hear ye! Hear ye! It's almost July and I haven't crossed off much on my Sunshine Wish List. I really need some help, so this is what I'm going to do; I'm asking, no begging all you who read this to look through the list, pick your favorite or many favorites and call me up. We will do what you choose from that list and definitely do something from your wish list too. Summer is almost over people so let's make it fun!


Monday, June 20

quote of the day

"What's meant to be will always find a way."

Sunday, June 19

Happy Father's Day! - or should I say Happy Grandpa Day!

Oh did I not tell you?
I'm going to be an aunt!

Saturday, June 18

dear sand dunes,

This past weekend was one of the funnest weekends I've ever had. Full of friends, new friends, night games, zip lines, midnight chit-chats, ATV rides, new pets, waterslides with an audience, sunshine, sunburns and sand on the all the wrong places.

Thank you for making this weekend such a party. My friends and I will return again soon.

With love,

Wednesday, June 8


Have you seen this yet?
Well you should.
So, click on it...
right now!

Monday, June 6

poker face

Today I crossed something off my not crossed off  Sunshine Wish List. Hallelujah! I learned how to play poker. To be more specific, I learned how to play Texas Holdem.  

I lost all my money until the last round, where my competitor/teacher decides to go "all in" so I had to match his bet. Nervous, all bets are in and it's time to show our hand. I win with a two pair.

To make a long story short I won the invisible twenty dollars. 

I'm ready for Vegas!

Sunday, June 5

quote of the day

"A woman is like an artichoke.
It takes a bit of work to get to her heart."

-The Pink Panther
[One of the funniest movie of all time]

Saturday, June 4

best love song

Guess what I'm doing right now? I mean at this very second, like really, right now?

I am blasting this ^ and singing and dancing along like a maniac! Am I all by myself you ask? Why yes I am. Do I care you ask? No I don't. How many times have you listened to this song?? Um... Maybe like twenty-thousand-kabillion-trazillion? I really don't know, I lost count like thirty minutes ago.

My ear drums are about to explode, my lungs are about to give in and I'm about to have a heart attack. Where is my LifeAlert? Does anyone know CPR? Ahh! It is kinda embarrassing how much I am in love with this song.....


Wanna join me? Yes, yes you do.