Saturday, May 14

a sunshine wish list

This summer I will achieve as many if not all of these;

Have a spontaneous roadtrip to California or Lake Powell
Camping and/or backpacking trip where you catch and cook your own food
Party in Vegas
Shoot the Tube
Longboard "The Big Run"
Do a gainer off the first platform of Cottonwood Heights
[maybe the second platform if I have the guts]
Have many boating trips with friends
Clear the wake
Go off-roading
Learn how to play poker
Win a game of Dynamite
Be in a Flash Mob
Dress up in costumes, even though it's not Halloween
Skype with a friend
Buy my own car
Go a week without eating sugar [yeah right]
Go to as many Bee's games as possible and catch another fly ball
Crash a random party where I don't know anyone there and dance like a fool
Go to as many concerts as possible
Get into shape
Adopt a random animal with friends
Rollerblade with friends
Get a random person's number
Try all the flavors at SnowShack
Make a movie
Purchase a nice camera
Meet someone famous
Be on TV or the big screen at a game, even if it's for a second
Go to Lagoon
Visit the Hogle Zoo
Get a picture with a Jazz player
Make the biggest slip n' slide ever created by man
Go on many hikes
Run a half marathon [again, yeah right]
Play all 18 holes
Sing at a karaoke bar
Have a water fight
Learn to surf
Go to Seven Peaks
Pretend to be someone I'm not for a night
Have as many midnight walks as possible
Moon tan
Stay up all night talking and laughing with friends
Overcome my fear of heights
Remodel my bedroom
Make a meal for my family all by myself
Finish my summer reading list, see here
Kiss in the rain
See as many midnight movies as I can
Sleep outside in the grass [really trampoline]
Find a bestfriend
Visit family outside of Utah by myself
Go river rafting
Stargaze until dawn
Dress beautifully and go to a fancy/expensive restaurant
Buy $100 jeans
Win a contest randomly
Ride a motorcycle


  1. can i pleeeeease cross some of these off with you??

  2. uhhh me too please?
    i already have a list of concerts for us to go to. and lagoon has been on my mind since the day school ended.

  3. Dear Paigy,
    All of these are on my list too. We must cross off a lot of these together. I love you so much.