Sunday, October 16


...mmmmm yes... I love the leaves changing, the warm clothes, the yummy festive goodies, the Halloween decoration,  the beautiful weather, the bike rides, the hand holding, the long walks, the scary movies, the haunted forests, the soft blankets, the delicious feasts, the long afternoons watching football, the bowls of sweets, the hot apple cider, the blissful friends, the legit costumes, the picture taking, the family outings and all the wonderful memories!

My Octobers are simply amazing. How are yours?

Sunday, October 9

quote of the day

"Heaven is not reached at a single bound;
But we build the ladder by which we rise
From the lowly earth to the vaulted skies,
And we mount to its summit round by round."

Friday, October 7


Snuggled up in a blanket and listening to this^
What a great way to welcome Fall Break