Thursday, May 24

Ten things you should know about me;

Wanted by Hunter Hayes is my new favorite song.
Nothing says Paige like a big t-shirt and jeans.
I think getting 8-10 hours of sleep not nearly enough.
I hate flirting.
My bedroom has to be clean before I can go to bed.
I am a fan of lying in the grass & being lazy.
I wish I was good at SmashBros and MarioKart.
I don't understand girls who take over 2 hours to get ready.
I am addicted to oreos.
I am the biggest creep. Literally.  


  1. we are creeps together, it's fine. alssooo let's have a big t-shirt/jeans/not get ready party soon. let's also have that picnic soon. andddd we can jam out to john mayer's new album. tell me you've heard it.

  2. I'm liking this.