Thursday, September 29

quote of the day

"You are not forgotten!"
-President Uchtdorf

-Can't wait for Conference Weekend-

Friday, September 23


Welcome home Elder Bowen!
Has it really been two years?
I love the first thing you said to me.
"You didn't grow an inch!" 
I missed you too Bowen.

Tuesday, September 20

homework sucks

Answer this question for me. Anyone, please contribute because this is a class discussion...
and you will be graded.

The question is;
Why is it so hard to start homework?
More in depth;
Why is it when I'm finally starting homework-- I look at it-- [more like stare at it for a long while] and then close everything back up, throw books back in the backpack and I'm off doing something else?

Please anyone can answer here.
Anyone? Don't be shy.
Just shout out answers because I haven't got a clue to why I am not in the school mindset yet.
And I'm crossing the one month mark of school.

This is bad...

Saturday, September 17

it's on baby

The Holy War
Go Utes!

Tuesday, September 13

quote of the day

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God"
-The House of Mirth

Sunday, September 11

little miss tate

Happy 13th Birthday Shark Bait!

 You're a teenager now?
When did this happen?!
Where was I?
How did this happen?!
Again, where was I?
Dang, you are practically a woman.

Don't start liking those boys anytime soon,
'cause they are all gross and dumb.

I love you so much!

Sunday, September 4

my relationship status

To my dear Bike,
Why did you pop a tire? You were so good to me then out of no where you had to blow up in my face. What the heck girl? I didn't do anything!
DTR; We're not talking.

To my dear Future Car,
I will find you one day, and when I do, we will ride with the top down, music blasting, and we will be so happy together.
DTR; There isn't one.

To my dear Homework,
Alright, I'll be honest. I have been ignoring you. I'm sorry but you've been just ridiculous and I think we need to take a break.
DTR; It's over...

To my dear Tuition Payment,
Wow, you are not a cheap date. Just sayin'.
DTR; One night stand. He's a gold digga.

To my dear Bed,
Hmm... yes, I will see you tonight baby.
DTR; We're still goin' strong.

To my dear Brain,
Omg... You are driving my insane! Shut up!  No, you shut up! Just pick a subject and stay focused on it for at least 5 minutes. Nooooooooo!  Heck, it's not hard! ...blah blah blah... Ugh, you give me headaches.
DTR; We're fighting... again.

To my dear Sweet Tooth,
I hate you.

To my dear Sweet Tooth,
Ok I'm sorry. I do love you but we've been up and down for years and I can't have a third or fourth slice of cake anymore. We need to take things slow if we are going to make this relationship work.
DTR; It's complicated.

To my dear Stomach,
I know I can't feed your right now, but please just give me until this afternoon. I will have your food.
DTR; He's needy.

To my dear Hair,
Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?? I just washed you yesterday... ok I just washed you Friday and you are dirty again? Can't you stay clean for a few days at least? Come on!
DTR; I'm sick and tired of you.

To my dear Bedroom,
You are just as ridiculous as Hair, that's right. I said it. Stay clean for a few days please! Is that so hard to ask?
DTR; It's dirty.

To my dear Chapstick,
You make my lips feel like a million bucks. You are so good to me.
DTR; We're in love.

 It looks like most of my relationships just aren't working out right now.
Grreeaaat... I hate dating.

Saturday, September 3

my to do list

This list consists the following in no particular order;

1. Make homework and studying first priority.
2. Fix bike so I can go on a lot more bike rides, they are so much fun.
3. Visit Temple Square and Downtown more often. It's so beautiful.
4. Step outside my comfort zone and try new restaurants.
5. Smile. It makes things pleasurable and others happier.
6. Dance, even if I'm embarrassed.
7. Don't get frustrated so easily. If I can't do something, keep trying.
8. Change mindset about school, make it enjoyable.
9. Study the scriptures, don't just read them.
10. Learn something new, a new hobby maybe?
11. Find a peaceful place.
12. Cook and bake often.
13. Go on walks.
14. Enjoy the company around me.
15. We all have strengths so find mine.

[dedicated to Chaseton- thanks for opening my eyes. You are wonderful!]