Sunday, January 29

quote of the day

"When all is said and done 
does it persuade one to do good,
to rise, to stand tall,
to do the right thing, to be kind,
to be generous?
That which enlighteneth, that which buildeth up,
that which is positive and affirmative
and leads us to better thoughts and words
is the Spirit of God."

Happy Sabbath day everyone!

Friday, January 27

quote of the day

"There are times when we feel we can't endure -- that we can't face what's ahead. But these times come and go. We have to hold on until the shadows brighten, until the load lifts. There is more built-in strength in all of us that we sometimes suppose."
-Unknown / Chaseton

Sunday, January 22

black markers and cardboard

I am officially broke. When I say broke, I literally mean I should be standing on the corner of the 1300 East exit off of I15 with a cardboard sign saying:
written in black marker. Where do hobos find those things anyway? Are markers their first purchase? If so, I must learn their ways because my piggy bank is now skin and bone. The poor thing, it never had a chance to the tuition diet.

So, if you see me on the side of the road, please don't honk at me.

I just need your mon-ay!

Friday, January 13

my new obsession

Have you met my nephew?
Well here he is.
His name is TALMAGE.
Isn't he cute wrapped up in his cute monkey blanket?
Don't you want to stare at him forever and ever?
So adorable.

I'm so in love.

Monday, January 9

not again

It's the first day of school??

Monday, January 2

two-thousand and twelve

It's late but HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!
My new year resolutions:

Get all As in this upcoming semester []
Study more []
Exercise at least three times a week []
Save money []
Keep a journal []
Take lots of pictures []
Win a game of dynamite []
Run a half marathon []
Go on a road trip []
Do one act of service a day []
Smile and be more positive []
Study the scriptures at least 3 hours a week []
Learn how to crochet []
Find a new hobby []

It's 2012 baby, it's going to be a great year!!