Thursday, March 24

please do not's

Men, when you are on a date;

-Please Do Not- Ask us what we want to do for the night when you pick us up. Have the date planned. You asked US out, remember?
-Please Do Not- Blast the music in the car. Some of us girls are trying to talk to you. We did say yes to your date after all.
-Please Do Not- Make us pay because you "ran out of money." So tacky.
-Please Do Not- Be the only one talking, you should listen.
-Please Do Not- Text, answer calls and/or leave to go talk with your friends, that's rude.
-Please Do Not- Ask personal questions like, "How much money do you make?"
...Uh, come on, really?
-Please Do Not- Get offended when we don't answer that question.
-Please Do Not- Lie. Most of us are pretty good at spotting a fake.
-Please Do Not- Act like you are cooler than we are. 'Cause you're really not.
-Please Do Not- Talk loudly throughout the ENTIRE movie. We are trying to watch and so is everyone else.
-Please Do Not- Try to cuddle with us when we said no the first time.
-Please Do Not- Invite yourself in our house and stay for another hour looking around when the date is over. Because well, the date is over.
And -Please Do Not- Call us five minutes after our date to ask us out again. Sheesh. The date just ended.

Friday, March 11

horray for friday

Today had sixty degree weather and it was beautiful! Walking to my classes this morning, [without having to wear my winter coat] everyone was singing and dancing along to You Make My Dreams  by Hall & Oats. The scene from [Five-Hundred] Days of Summer  where everyone was smiling, twisting and shouting and cartoon blue birds flying around in central park was playing through my mind. Yes, that's what was happening on the U of U campus today. You should have been there.

Friday, March 4

summer lovin

Yup. I want some.

Dear Summer,
Please please please come faster! I'm ready for your sunshine, tan lines and all the memories you create.
                  With love, Paige.