Tuesday, May 31

back to school

I learned a few things this weekend that I thought I'd share with the class;

Men do not know how to communicate! Men love to text instead of actually talking face to face and men love to use Facebook to stalk the ladies they are too scared to actually talk to. I hate that. This past  Saturday a boy [yes a boy because he did not act like a man] asked me for my name and leaves. Moments later he asks my friend for my number and decides it's ok to text me all night long. Dude, word of advise; if you wanted to talk to me, you should have stayed and TALKED TO ME! Idiot. Anyway, I stopped responding to his weird questions,  when he then asks if I want to hangout, as if there was chemistry between us. I guess you can tell what love is through cyber space?  

Me: Thank for the invite but I'm sorry I'm not interested. -10:13pm
[It might have been a little harsh but some boys just don't get the picture sometimes]
Him: haha....ouch. -10:14pm
Him: haha is it because of my hair? -10:17pm
Him: Hellloooooo? -10:23pm

Men are clueless. I might just get rid of my texting, I already got rid of my Facebook page two months ago.

Lesson #1 Men should grow up and become men.

Yesterday for Memorial Day my sister Lauren [Smalls] and her hubby Dan [Roach] came over and we all went bowling as a family. Funniest thing of my life with the funniest nicknames ever. My little bro Ethan [Aflac] was trying to spin the ball, calling it his "trick shot." It only worked 4 out of the 10 times he bowled. My little sis Tatum [Shark Bait] is a pro at gutter balls. Smalls and I [Inigo Montoya] tied with a score of 84. That was a great game for both of us. Lindsay [Cinderelli] lost to me, with the score of 80, haha! Take that! My dad [Nacho] had a pretty good game despite all the gutter balls. Mom [Elastigirl] was creating Xs like there was no tomorrow. And Roach creamed us all.

I love family outings.
And bowling shoes.

Lesson #2 Don't underestimate Elastigirl.
She is full of many surprises.

Sunday, May 22

quote of the day

"To love another person, is to see the face of God."
 -Les Miserables

Saturday, May 21

here comes the sun

All week it has been raining, thunder storming and occasionally snowing;
but today, it is beautiful! It finally feels like summer!

Wednesday, May 18


Lindsay, I am the luckiest girl to have you as my sister, even better, as my best friend. I can always count on you for anything and always look up to you in the best of times and the worst of times. You are the greatest example to me. Thank you for getting me even when I don't get myself. Thank you for always writing movie quotes in my room. Thank you for your random yet hilarious text messages only I would understand. Thank you for letting me raid your closet full of stylish clothes. Thank you for laughing at all my jokes when they're not funny and thank you for always being the one to make me laugh even when you think you're not funny. Together we are Slicked & Whipped, Napoleon & Pedro, Batman & Robin, Boy & Pet Rat, Robin Hood & Little John, Dumb & Dumber, Nacho & Skeleton, Yeah-Yeah & Squints, Colt & TumTum, Fauna & Mary-Weather. Together we can even be Jack Clouseau. Lindsay, you complete me.

On this special day, Jack and I wish you the best! I love you big sis!

Happy 22nd Birthday!

Sunday, May 15

dear friend,

Last night, around a nice warm fire pit, you and our friends were sharing your missionary stories, MTC pranks and spiritual miracles. If you remember I was green with envy, somewhat joking and quietly state, "I wish I could witness a miracle but I don't want to go on a mission to get one." You immediately stopped talking and looked at me. Giggled with disappointment you respond to my immature sentence;

"So you expect to get a miracle without even working?"

Ok, so after your answer I sat there ashamed at my lousy and selfish statement. It definitely humbled me and actually answered a simple but wishful prayer. Why was I not seeing any miracles? I was asking for answers to prayers without even attempting to work for them. So next time I ask for a miracle I will work much harder and longer to find my answer then I know God will do the rest.

Thank you friend for being an example to me and telling me exactly what I needed to hear even though it embarrassed me a little bit. That is why we are friends. Your quick lesson even made it in my quotebook.

With much love and gratitude,

Saturday, May 14

a sunshine wish list

This summer I will achieve as many if not all of these;

Have a spontaneous roadtrip to California or Lake Powell
Camping and/or backpacking trip where you catch and cook your own food
Party in Vegas
Shoot the Tube
Longboard "The Big Run"
Do a gainer off the first platform of Cottonwood Heights
[maybe the second platform if I have the guts]
Have many boating trips with friends
Clear the wake
Go off-roading
Learn how to play poker
Win a game of Dynamite
Be in a Flash Mob
Dress up in costumes, even though it's not Halloween
Skype with a friend
Buy my own car
Go a week without eating sugar [yeah right]
Go to as many Bee's games as possible and catch another fly ball
Crash a random party where I don't know anyone there and dance like a fool
Go to as many concerts as possible
Get into shape
Adopt a random animal with friends
Rollerblade with friends
Get a random person's number
Try all the flavors at SnowShack
Make a movie
Purchase a nice camera
Meet someone famous
Be on TV or the big screen at a game, even if it's for a second
Go to Lagoon
Visit the Hogle Zoo
Get a picture with a Jazz player
Make the biggest slip n' slide ever created by man
Go on many hikes
Run a half marathon [again, yeah right]
Play all 18 holes
Sing at a karaoke bar
Have a water fight
Learn to surf
Go to Seven Peaks
Pretend to be someone I'm not for a night
Have as many midnight walks as possible
Moon tan
Stay up all night talking and laughing with friends
Overcome my fear of heights
Remodel my bedroom
Make a meal for my family all by myself
Finish my summer reading list, see here
Kiss in the rain
See as many midnight movies as I can
Sleep outside in the grass [really trampoline]
Find a bestfriend
Visit family outside of Utah by myself
Go river rafting
Stargaze until dawn
Dress beautifully and go to a fancy/expensive restaurant
Buy $100 jeans
Win a contest randomly
Ride a motorcycle

Tuesday, May 10

thousands of pages

I am not much of a reader. I had a hard time learning how to read when I was younger and I still have a hard time with it to this day. I am not terrible but it is not one of my talents. However, practice does make perfect, and I love the occasional nose-in-between-the-pages-of-a-really-delicious-book now and again. So, this summer -- since I have all the time in the world! -- I have a huge stack of books I would like to crack open.
These are they-

Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler, Black Wind - A Dirt Pitt Novel
Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants
J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit
Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown, Angels & Demons
Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol
Victor Hugo, Les Miserables
James Dashner, The Maze Runner
Hans Fallada,  Alone In Berlin
Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

-- Well, should I get started? Yes, I think I should.

Tuesday, May 3

one day more

When all my papers and assignments are turned in. When all  my exams and short answers responses are finished. Tomorrow after 4 o'clock, when my last final is completed with tears of joy and all the long hours of studying and homework are paid off, will my summer finally begin.

Oh, and what an adventure it will be!

Monday, May 2

for the record

My Monday Play-By-Play;
Wake up at 8:45 to Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
Had a 5 minute jam sesh, in bed. No big
Change out of my Sleepy Sweats into my Study Sweats
[ps. I Love Sweats]
Eat breakfast at 9:30
STUDY until 11:30
Pick up the E Man from school at 11:35
STUDY from 12:15 to 3
[E Man needs a ride to lacrosse practice]
Drive to library to STUDY until 5
Come home, library was too loud
Eat dinner
STUDY until 6
Decide I need a break and take a nap
Wake up at 8
STUDY from 8:05 til 9:05
Run errands with sisters
STUDY from 9:30 til now
It's now 11:13pm
And I'm still not done.

[if I did my math right]
Total Hours Studying: 8 Hours and 48 Minutes & Counting

For The Record-- 
I Hate Studying and I Hate Finals.

...Nuf Said