Saturday, July 30

quote of the day

"We're goin' down and you can see it too.
We're goin' down and you know that we're doomed.
My dear we're slow dancin' in a burning room."

-John Mayer
[one of my favorite songs]

Thursday, July 21

sorry it's late

I love you girl! You are definitely one of my best friends. I will share with you in just one word and one word only, something that describes you perfectly...and I will do it with one breath in under 5 seconds. Prepare to be amazed!
Ready. Set. Go!


ps. I might have hyphenated a little.

Happy 23rd Birthday Bryndy!

Tuesday, July 12

sista sista

You know you're best friends...

When we have random dance parties in the bathroom. When we fight on who made the uglier face. When I don't have to wear pants in her presence. When she makes car noises at the dinner table and I mock her [secretly trying to make cooler car noises] When I can say "you look awful" and she just laughs. When we can give random Love Taps to each other. When we tell each other it's OK to eat more dessert than we should. When our fights last about 2.46326 seconds. When our dad tells us we are annoying. When my response is "so are you!" when she calls me a moron. When she can be a Russian babe around me and I can be Chester around her. When we say the exact same movie line at the exact same time-followed by a dramatic pause-than laugh hysterically for at least 20 minutes.

BF, you complete me.

Thursday, July 7

quote of the day

"Everything will be okay in the end.
If it's not okay, it's not the end"

-Unknown / alovin

Monday, July 4

Four reasons why the Fourth of July is a great holiday--
One; everything is closed, including your own work.
Two; everyone is outside and barbecuing. Mmmm... Love the summer tastes and smells. 
Three; the family comes together and plays an intense game of badminton.
Four; playing with /watching the fireworks are the best.   

God bless America!
Happy Fourth everybody!

Sunday, July 3

free fallin'


I love John Mayer.
I have to hit repeat at least once more everytime I hear him.

let's ride

The friends and I started a Bike Gang the other night.

We were legit.

Friday, July 1

singin' in the rain

Remember Wednesday when the weather was hot and sunny? Remember when it decided to shake things up a bit and have a gigantic ten minute rain/hail storm? Yeah, Utah weather... sheesh. Anyway, during that ten minute storm of death, I was sitting all by myself at work. "At work" is a little place called SnoShack. It's a four foot by four foot shack that fits only two people at a time. In this shack, we  make snow cones for whoever is craving one and oh man, we do have the daily Shack addicts who come with the same order at the same time ever day. I guess some people are addicted to snow drenched in flavored sugar water.

So picture me sitting all by my lonesome in the Shack, partly drenched during the ten minute rain/hail storm, scared for my life because I was going to be struck by lightening, writing my will and debating what lucky few would be recieving my junk because I really was going to be struck by lightening, listening to Parachute and singing along like I was trying out for American Idol because no one was outside. I was loving life.

Don't run away...
And it's hard to love again,
When the only way it's been,
When the only love you know,
Just walked away...
If it's something that you want,
Darling you don't have to run,
You don't have to go ...

Just stay with me, baby stay with me,

Well, I'm not sure what this is gonna be,
But with my eyes closed all I see
Is the skyline, through the window,
The moon above you and the streets below,
Hold my breath as you're moving in,
Taste your lips and feel your skin.
When the time comes, baby don't run,
just kiss me slowly.